Chess University Weekly Digest #11

Chess University Weekly Digest #11

Carlsen Breaks Blitz Rating Record | Puzzle Challenge

Can you solve today’s tactical Puzzle Challenge?

There’s only one way to find out. 🎉

💡 Puzzle Challenge #8 - Can You Find White’s Best Move?

🤔 White to Move

What is White's best move?

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🧩 Puzzle Challenge #7 Solution

Here’s the solution to last week’s Puzzle Challenge:

🤔 White to Move

The best move is 1.Ng5!! which hits the bishop on e4 while preventing 1…Bxd3 due to a devious queen trap visible after White recaptures with 2.Bxd3.

If after 1.Ng5, Black retreats the bishop, say with 1…Bc6, White can play 2.Bc1 threatening moves like g4 and f5 to catch the queen.

📰 Chess News

Magnus Carlsen set a new record by achieving an all-time-high blitz rating of 3340 on
🔗See the record-breaking game on

14-year-old prodigy IM Shreyas Royal defeated world #40 GM Amin Tabatabaei in round 3 of the London Chess Classic.

🎉 Until Next Week, Let’s Keep Improving

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