Chess University Weekly Digest #12

Chess University Weekly Digest #12

Puzzle Challenge | Champions Chess Tour | Chess Strategy

Gear up for this week’s Puzzle Challenge and the latest updates from the chess world!

🎉 Let’s begin.

If you missed FM Arne Jochens’ Strategy Camp last month, this is your chance to sign up for lifetime access to some of Arne’s best strategy lessons.

🎯 What You Will Learn:

  • Seizing the center with authority.

  • Deciphering the language of pawn structures.

  • Commanding space on the board.

  • Executing positional sacrifices that baffle your opponents.

💡 Puzzle Challenge #9 - Can You Find Black’s Best Move?

🤔 Black to Move

What is Black's best move?

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🧩 Puzzle Challenge #8 Solution

Here’s the solution to last week’s Puzzle Challenge:

🤔 White to Move

The best move is 1.Bf6+ which delivers a discovered check while preventing Black’s queen from blocking the check. After 1…Kf8, White wins with 2.Qg7#.

📰 Chess News

GM Magnus Carlsen wins his third Champions Chess Tour title by defeating Wesley So 2.5-1.5.
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World Chess Federation (FIDE) President Arkady Dvorkovich, who previously served as deputy prime minister of Russia under Vladimir Putin, seeks to eliminate term limits and run for office for a third time.

🎉 Until Next Week, Let’s Keep Improving

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