Chess University Weekly Digest #15

Chess University Weekly Digest #15

Carlsen Conquers Blitz & Rapid | Duda Snubs Khismatullin | Puzzle Challenge

Welcome to the first 2024 edition of our weekly digest! Let's recap Carlsen's latest championship victories and challenge your tactical skills.

🎉 Let’s dive in!

📰 Chess News

🏆 Carlsen Wins 5th World Rapid Title and 7th World Blitz Title

GM Magnus Carlsen clinched his 5th FIDE World Rapid Championship title in Samarkand with a 10/13 score, narrowly outpacing GM Fedoseev's 9.5/13.

Carlsen then secured his 7th FIDE World Blitz Championship title, scoring 16/21 to edge out GMs Dubov and Artemiev. Carlsen won six straight games on the second day to take the lead and defend his rapid/blitz double crown.

🏆 IM Anastasia Bodnaruk Becomes Women’s World Rapid Chess Champion

🏆 GM Valentina Gunina Takes Women’s World Blitz Championship Title

Congratulations to all the winners!

🤝 Duda Refuses Handshake with Russian GM

Polish #1 GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda made headlines by refusing to shake hands with Russian GM Denis Khismatullin before their game at the World Rapid Championship.

Khismatullin has publicly supported Russia's war effort. Duda's breach of the handshake tradition risked disqualification, but Khismatullin did not file a complaint.

💡 Puzzle Challenge #11 - Can You Find Black’s Best Move?

What is Black's best move?

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🎉 Wishing You a Brilliant Chess 2024!

Let the games begin - we're looking forward to an exciting year of chess ahead!

Kairav Joshi
President and CEO

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