Chess University Weekly Digest #16

Chess University Weekly Digest #16

Improving Your Decision Making | 8 Year Old Prodigy | Puzzle Challenge |

Welcome to another edition of the Chess University Weekly Digest, featuring a tricky Puzzle Challenge and a fascinating story about an 8-year-old prodigy.

🎉 Let’s dive in!

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📰 Chess News

India's top chess players received prestigious awards for their achievements.

GM-elect Vaishali Rameshbabu was awarded the Arjuna Award, India's second highest sporting honor, after securing her final GM norm.

Her brother, teenage GM Praggnanandhaa, won the CNN News18 Rising Stars Award and gained sponsorship from billionaire Gautam Adani. The siblings' coach GM R.B. Ramesh received the Dronacharya Award for training Indian chess champions.

With 5 Indian players in the upcoming Candidates across both divisions, the nation's chess stars are gaining recognition amid the game's growing popularity.

🌟 Chess Prodigy Emerges

Eight-year-old Roman Shogdzhiev stunned the chess world by defeating 5 grandmasters at the recent World Rapid and Blitz Championships.

The Russian prodigy scored an incredible 5.5/13 in the rapid event, beating GMs Vakhidov, Christiansen, Shevchenko, Pichot and Anand. Shogdzhiev's brilliant performance earned praise from world champion Magnus Carlsen, who called it "truly remarkable."

At just 8 years old, Shogdzhiev has already proven himself a chess talent to watch in the coming years.

🔍 Chess Cheating Update recently provided an update on its extensive fair play and anti-cheating efforts. The platform analyzes 2.5 million games daily and has closed over 1 million accounts in 2023 alone for fair play violations.

They also revealed stats on titled player account closures this year - 29 CMs, 31 NMs, 47 FMs, 29 IMs and 20 GMs. The platform continues to invest heavily in algorithms and manual review to identify and stop potential cheaters.

💡 Puzzle Challenge #12 - Can You Find Black’s Best Move?

🤔 Black to Move

What is Black's best move?

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That concludes this edition of the Chess University Weekly Digest. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming camps and live classes!

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President and CEO

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